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Dedicated to refined digital experiences, with an aptitude for strategy and problem-solving. I focus on changing organizations for the better through thoughtful solutions, simple design, and a willingness to listen and learn.


Shipping a product from A to Z

Discover and Learn


The discovery phase covers the start of a project. This is when we gather insights about the business, audiences, pain points and motivations. We use this information to make sure we solve the right problem(s).

We do this by validating assumptions so we have something to present to the team to guide the project. We plant this flag up front before time and money are wasted solving incorrect assumptions.

Plan and Research


This is the part of the process where synthesize the information identified in the Discovery phase. The goal is to develop a clear creative brief that frames the fundamental design challenge.

This may include UX artifacts like hypothesis, target audience segments, proto-persona, story mapping, journey mapping, user-center design canvas, value proposition canvas, and ultimately a recommended strategy document.

Define and Inform


The early stage of the creation phase when we use Lean principles to gather momentum, identify potential solutions, and focus on solving problems.

This is where we form more concrete idea of what we’re trying to solve and begin to develop potential solutions through persona, journey mapping, user flows, and wireframing. All while keeping in mind that these experiences should be designed to solve specific problems.

Interface Design


The phase of the project where ideas become more defined. These ideas get prototyped, tested and iterated on so we deliver solutions that work.

This includes incorporating content strategy, brand elements, accessibility considerations, and a long-term maintenance strategy.

Launch and Optimize


The delivery stage, where the resulting project is polished, produced and launched. Afterward we observe and optimize, as we learn more about how our users are using the product.

The goal here is continuous improvement. We should be observing customer actions, talking to customer service, and the work should never be viewed as 'done'.

About Me


I’m currently enjoying life in Grand Rapids, Michigan (unless it’s February) and I’d love to chat in more detail about my experience and the process behind the end result.

If you’re interested in learning more you can contact me through email, on LinkedIn, or even twitter. Or browse through some blog posts, dribbble shots, or instagram to get to know me a little better.

Some Thoughts

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